Thursday, September 26, 2013

9 months

Madeleine is already 9 months old!!
She's 16 lb 12 oz and 26 inches long.

She talks quite a bit now.
She makes all sorts of cute noises.
Her favorites are "dadada" or "bababa",
and when she cries she lets out a feeble "Mum mum mum muuuum."

She is pretty good at playing alone.
She'll play over an hour by herself as long as we don't reminder her that we exist.
She loves her books, especially "Glitter bears: Fairy Bear."
And loves her grape doll, Guino, and bead wire thing.

She has several new abilities.
She can put her own binky in.
It cracks us up, because she'll pick it up, stick right in her mouth (she never misses), 
and then rotates it to the correct orientation.
She also will now refuse the binky if she doesn't want it...which is kind of annoying.

She can stand.
She smiles when we blow on her face.
Speaking of blowing, she blows raspberries on any flat surface.
She does it all the time and then laughs.

She loves ice cream.
She attacks us when we have it.
And then whines until we give her more.
She still loves cheerios, though she is rejecting some of the baby food.
She'd rather have whatever I'm eating.
I'll sit down to eat, and a few seconds later I'll have a little mouth trying to get to my spoon
and baby fingers in my bowl.

She has teeth.
They apparently hurt.

She's sleeping on her own.

She loves swings, slides and other kids.
She gives hugs.
She loves computers and dropping things behind the bed.
She waves to people.
She's opinionated.

See. Opinionated baby.
Our baby is getting bigger.
She's actually starting to be a human.
How crazy is that?

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