Sunday, June 16, 2013

Father's Day

Since it's Matt's first Father's Day, we celebrated all weekend.

Yesterday we went to a car show.

 I wanted the stingray to be Matt's Father's Day present, but he said we couldn't spend $17,000 on a sport car yet. Too bad...

Matt was a bit bummed that Tiny couldn't go on the bounce house yet.

Then we went to Buffalo Wild Wings. Matt wanted some and I am glad he did. They were good! Our favorite sauce was the "Wild" sauce. 

Then today we went on a picnic and flew a kite.

Matt wanted raspberries but I wanted chocolate, so we whipped up some chocolate covered raspberries.

Baby just wanted his glasses.

I think all in all this was 150x more successful than Matt's birthday, which I was grateful for.
He is a great dad. Baby loves hanging out with him.
Matt's way more patient than me at 3:30 in the morning with her than me.
Tiny Human also seems to like it when he plays legos with her, 
or when he cuddles and takes naps with her.
She really adores him, and it is completely obvious too. 

Happy Father's Day, sweetheart! We love you.

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