Friday, June 7, 2013

Rest of Texas

We just got home from Texas. 
The first week we were there, there was so much rain.
But once the sun came out, we were frequently at the pool.

Waving to her minions 

When we weren't, Baby hung out in laundry baskets and chewed on kitchen supplies.

Matt and I took pictures of random stuff.

"R" for Rowdy

And did a puzzle.

While Matt and I were puzzling on something, Pop would take baby on walks (giving Matt and me just time to hang out together). 
On the last day I went with them and saw all the random things Tiny experienced when we weren't around.
Makes me wonder what she saw all the other days.

And while we loved having time alone, we were always happy to see her back.

Then on Wednesday, we packed our bags and flew back home.

(Matt was so worried we get in trouble for taking a photo on the plane.
So this is the best shot we got.)

We had so much fun. Texas was the perfect break before we start getting ready for our next adventure.

Just saying.

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