Monday, May 21, 2012


The last month in pictures...
May 1st
I had to talk myself into buying the test all day! I was so nervous and really didn't want to see a negative test. I finially did it, and it was positive!! Matt wasn't home or picking up the phone, so I snapped this picture before running up to campus. Of course, I ran into everyone I knew on the way up. I told him to turn on the camera when I got there. When he saw it he said, "Oh...I guess I better get lunch off then." We went and got a jamba juice together, and the excitement started kicking as we talked about it together.

Matt: I was kinda surprised when she showed up at work, and I figured it was something serious like the house burned down or someone broke in. Then she pulled out the camera and showed me this photo, and I thought, "Oh... that's what she did this morning." That was about it, not so much of a surprise as welcome news.
May 8th-ish
(In Tennesse, by the way) I woke up one morning right after the girls came home from their mom's house. Izzy came and knocked on my door and I starting laughing. She had no clue that there was melted chocolate popsicle all over her face, and it seriously looked like an evil beard and mustache. I snapped a quick picture, while Elena and me just kept laughing, and Izzy gave us a very confused look.  
 May 9-15ish?

While Elena was playing softball, I was watching Izzy on the playground.  When she came over and got a drink, I asked her what she was playing. "Boy v. Girls". I asked her what the rules for that game was, "It's when you run from the boy really fast, and when he almost catches you, you scream base." I felt bad, because I'm pretty sure that little boy didn't know he was 1) playing the game and 2) the rules.

So our camera charger sadly met it's fate one morning, when I found a small  little dog chewing on it. Matt ended up cutting up another charger when I got home, so that we can use our camera again, but there are no pictures of Matt's birthday. :( He did get a cake, and one of his mission buddies invited us over, and made AMAZING steak. Then on his birthday, we watched Avengers. I think the best part of the day was when we woke up in the morning. I asked Matt what his birthday wish was and he said that he was 23 today and there was nothing more that he wanted or wished for.  
Anyway, now that I have internet again and a camera, we'll start updating again. 

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