Thursday, May 10, 2012


I haven’t updated in what seems like forever. Matt was sweet enough to update, while I’ve been gone. That’s right. I’m not in Utah right now -- I’m in Tennessee!
The empty seats next to me on my flight to Tennessee.
Matt should have been sitting with me..
I’m completely loving being out of Utah. It is so green here, and trees, hills, great weather, and even fried okra. Yum! (Did I mention there is a Stein Mart too?)  There is only one small problem…my computer Flo seems allergic to the internet here. She refuses to connect to it, so it’s not easy to update our blog.
I wanted to put some pictures up from the day of the funeral. Even though the morning was full of crying and grieving, the rest of the day was fun. (We actually were not there the whole day…Matt and I were so tired, and took a really long nap the 2nd half of the day, but the part we were there for was fun!) I didn't take any pictures of the funeral, but there are plenty of after. Mema didn't want a funeral, but a celebration of her life. She wanted us to wear bright colors and have a photographer to take family pictures. We did just that.  

The pictures start after the funeral, when we headed home to eat. The church was nice enough to set up a cute little lunch in the backyard. I was so excited to see chocolate cupcakes. I was secretly wanting cupcakes the whole day, but I didn't think it was approperiate voice my craving during the funeral. But chocolate and cupcakes are my normal comfort foods, so maybe God just knew I would need them. Apparently I wasn't the only one, because everyone seemed to be chowing down on cupcakes.

Grampa Gary looking snazzy

Uncle Rod's awesome green socks

It was also Jake's prom night that after lunch Matt and I drove him down to Provo to his date's house. Jake wouldn't let me take any picture of him before we left, so here is one I snagged off facebook.

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