Thursday, May 24, 2012

I think I'm pregnant..

When I first knew I was pregnant…I totally did not feel like it. Life was normal! We went on a hike with friends, I went on a trip, I ate anything I felt like. I told Matt that I thought my mom felt more pregnant than me, because she was at least excited. I wasn’t really yet. I felt normal.

Well as of a few days ago, I feel pregnant. I think the first real realization was when I climbed out of bed at 4 AM to use the bathroom, and when I got back in told Matt I was jealous of his bladder capacity. Then last night, I woke Matt up at 11:18 PM telling him I was hungry, and he got me to agree to some pretty crazy things in exchange of him making me a grill cheese sandwich. (I think in the end he got me to okay him getting an x-box…and clean the house). Then this morning I threw up!! Ugh.

I’ve been in and out of bed all day -- thanks to this new throwing up thing. After I’m up for a few minutes, I feel like I’m going to throw up again and I’m back in bed. (My pregnant friends with children…you are amazing.)  So basically my life has been reduced to the same life as a baby – eating, sleeping, and wanting to do those two things the rest of the day.

Nice part, I have no excuse not to finish the binding on the quilts, and I have hours to mess around on the internet.

Few of my favorite finds of the day. (Hopefully in a few days and at most 20 days – I’ll be at 12 weeks then – I feel better so I can go back to doing stuff people actually like to read about…)

This video I found on a blog is awesome! It's cute and I kinda hope our kid will be like this. He made an arcade shop out of cardboard boxes, and how all these strangers came together to play at his little cardboard arcade shop. It's really cute.

I've also had a ton of time on looking at cute baby stuff people have made, and realizing how little motivation I have to make baby stuff. On the other hand, its' great knowing I can just buy it right? 

And lastly...I've been stalking blogs. When I ran out of blogs that I regularly read, I started hitting "next blog" button. I found two I really like...

So yeah, ideas for more stuff to do or how to get rid of morning sickness would be appreciated.

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  1. I am SO excited! but not about the throwing up part. I never threw up when I was pregnant, but I know that ginger is supposed to help. I'll get you some bags of ginger chews at Trader Joe's.