Sunday, February 5, 2012

Apparently Awful Pictures

 Matt and I went up to my parent's house for Riley's birthday. The first thing Matt and I did when we got there was to check out the new members of our family. My parents got baby chicks, and they are so much fun to hold. They sound like little squeaky toys. My parents' dog Jasper just loves them. He kept trying to lick them when we were holding them.

(This picture is definitively not a very flattering picture, BUT it is worth putting on here. Why you might ask? It because it is the only picture of Matt and me together in a picture since we came home from our honeymoon.)

We went up to Salt Lake to see the Hilton Family Concert, which was amazing, before coming home to cake and presents. A few highlights of the night...

Matt took advantage of my parents' supply of ramen. I do not like having it in our  kitchen...

Riley the birthday boy!! 

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