Friday, February 24, 2012

Coffee Shop Home

This semester I have not been as busy as Matt and to compensate for that I have been doing crafts. Lots and lots of them.

The one I did this week was one I had been looking forward since Christmas. When we rearranged our living room, I noticed we use our living room to study, hangout, eat, and to store our books. Most spaces usually separate those things into different rooms, living room, library, kitchen etc., so I was really struggling with how to make the room look more cohesive. Then I realized coffee shops mix all those things together!! 

Since that moment I have been brainstorming how to make our home more coffee shop like. The "SIT" pillows helped a bit, but it still wasn't giving the right vibes. Then I saw this awesome picture.
Isn't it beautiful? I love the idea of having a gallery of pictures, especially on shelves! It doesn't take up a lot of space, and I don't have to take down all the pictures of I want to add a bigger or smaller picture to the collection. On top of that, shelves are cheap. So this weekend, I did my own version of this picture. 
(The hearts are left over from V-day)
I love the finished product. It cost $30 for the whole thing, and I think it feels coffee shop-y. Matt was awesome. He helped me measure, level, and drill, which I am not too good at. I am so excited in the next few weeks, I'll have all my wedding photos to put on the shelves! 

Also this week, I finished our fake roman shades. 

So with new shelves and curtains, I am even more in love with our home. I really love living here, especially with my cute husband.

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