Monday, September 14, 2015

Toy inventory

Last year we did an inventory of all the toys we had. It was one of my favorite blog post. It was nice to see what we had and I wanted to do it again this year.

One of the big difference is this year, Madeleine doesn't play with as many toys. She has favorites and plays with them for hours. We are lucky enough that when she grows out of them that we have plenty of younger friends to pass them onto. At this point, we don't really need a toy rotation either. All of these fit in Madeleine's room and she is responsible enough not to trash her room. On the occations that friends come over and everything gets dumped out, it takes me less than 10 minutes to clean everything up and about 20 for her. It's a good balance right now.

List of Madeleine's toys 
1. Train set
2. Two waldorf dolls
3. Sophie
4. Tiny purple baby
5. Two bears
6. Two puzzles
7. Knobbed cylinders puzzles
8. Wooden rocket
9. Wooden plane
10. Three wood trucks
11. Chemistry blocks (in green bucket)
12. Geeky blocks (in green bucket)
13. Drawing board thing
14. Doll house
15. Duplos (120)
16. Wool ball
17. Tin tea set
18. Dissecting doll
19. Doll stroller
20. Kitchen
21. Rodie
22. Bead set thing

In full disclaimer, we do have two small containers of toys that Madeleine doesn't play with for friends that aren't her age. We have a shoe box of playmobiles and small box for tiny babies. They rarely come out though.

Madeleine spends a lot of her time playing outside. Her dolls and bears go with her almost everywhere. The white bear is her bear and the "pink" bear is the bear that her friends play with. The knobbed cylinders are one of the most frequently played with toys. Madeleine uses them for play food and I have also seen them used as logs on the back of the trucks or just lined up across the floor.

I love watching her play. She's getting more creative. She "reads" books to her dolls and likes playing nap time. Her duplos recenty have been rockets and blocks have been used to build houses.

It's been awesome. Can't wait to see next years photo.

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  1. :) Playing nap time is my favorite too ;)