Tuesday, September 1, 2015


Madeleine starts "preschool" in a week! It really is just 2 hours of free play with a snack and a craft, but guys, we are SO excited.

I'm excited for sometime to myself and Madeleine is excited for me to go away?

That might sound kind of weird but lately she has this new thing that she'll see friends or adults we know and then turn to me and say, "Bye Mommy!" repeatedly until I leave or explain to her that I'm staying. Most of the time if I'm staying, she'll get upset. I think she wants a bit more independence from me and I think that this will be a good fit. 

I went to the parent teacher night tonight. It was really boring, but Madeleine's teachers are really nice. I think she might the youngest in the class so they put me to help in the classroom the first day.

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