Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Teddy Bear Picnic

It's funny how every summer I can't quite find the will to blog. The weather is just too beautiful and summer days are literally full of our favorite things. 

With the summer coming to a close, I desperately wanted to throw a party for Madeleine. I was really planning on doing it on her half birthday, but we ended up moving right around then. So I decided to host an unbirthday teddy bear picnic. 

I kept the whole party pretty simple. I asked everyone to pack their own lunches. Siblings were welcomed and no gifts were needed. We pretty much just kept to inviting our neighbors that live in Princeton, but even with that limit we still had around 35 people come! 

It was so much fun. (At least for me)

Madeleine woke up that morning shocked to find so much sugar on our table. She only requested pink cupcakes (her current favorite color). I also bought goldfish, made honeycomb rice crispies, and 

Lotte Koala cookies. We grabbed our coffee table and our pile of quilts and headed to the park. 

Madeleine was thrilled that some of our friends were already there when we arrived, and by lunch time everyone had shown up. The kids ran around around while the adults sat on the blankets and talked. I really only saw Madeleine when she would run over and grab a cupcake before running off again.

We didn't have any games or anything, so around nap time people started heading home. It was nice and relaxing for me, and I loved seeing everyone that had been gone all summer. 

Hopefully we can do something like this next year. I think it was a good compromise for our little Christmas girl.

(All photo credit goes to my friend Rachel. I didn't take a single photo. Thankfully she did!)