Wednesday, August 26, 2015

End of Summer and 36"

One of my most favorite things about New Jersey is that the weather changes almost exactly with the seasons. It makes me excited for the change and we know when it's coming. With summer coming to the end, Matt wanted to celebrate with going to the boardwalk. 

We headed to the little aquarium first. It's pretty small but it's so perfect for a toddler. It's mostly full of rescue animals.

The sharks scared Madeleine a bit but then she saw the penguins. Oh she was SO excited, she screamed penguins and ran across the room. The run across the room reminded me of a sappy romance film. She was so in love.

After a while we were able to pry her away from the penguins to see the seals. One of the seals is completely blind. 

After about an hour we finally left, and headed to the actual boardwalk.

We walked over to the rides, and unlike last year, Madeleine was excited to ride. We were excited to find out she was over three feet tall so we didn't have to ride with her. 

Our little airplane obsessed girl was thrilled to see a pink helicopter. All of the rides seem to have the themes of "pink" or "transportation."

The last ride she went on was the "biking" ride. She was so nervous. haha. But after a few times around she noticed that several of the other kids were picking their hands up above the bike. She put on her brave face and tried a few times. The lady next to me told me that it was one of the best brave faces that she'd seen. ;)

I love my little three foot tall girl. She's grown up so much this year, and I couldn't be prouder of her.

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