Saturday, August 16, 2014


Matt planned an awesome family adventure for us today. We went to Jenkinson's boardwalk, which is not too far from the normal beach we go to. They have a small aquarium and of course rides. We went to the aquarium right when it opened. 

We checked out sharks.




and fish...along with a lot of other random things they had there. There were even monkeys (not sea monkeys like real ones). We were pretty excited to see moon jellies after they were Madeleine's result in DC.

(flashback photo)

moon jellies!

We even found out that Madeleine is the exact same size as gentoo penguins.

After that we got crab cakes at this beach restraunt. Every time we go to the beach someone we know comments on how busy the shore usually is. Matt and I were always a bit confused about it, but after seeing this beach, we get it. There were so many people. You totally had to stake a spot. We decided just to wait to go to our favorite beach when we were done.

Then it was time for games and rides.

 Madeleine wasn't sure about the first ride. She put on her brave face as she went around on the little guppie ride.

But we broke her in pretty fast. :)

We ended our time on the boardwalk going on a rollercoster together. For some reason they would let Madeleine go on this one. She was terrified but really liked it. She cried when we took her off of it.

We left and got ice cream from The Cone Zone. I was just supposed to sneak in there while Madeleine napped in the car with Matt. But apparently the ice cream woke her up. She got to eat her first ice cream cone. She had no idea at first what to do with it. I told her it was like a lollipop but with ice cream. After that she very carefully took a tiny lick. After a minute of tiny licks, she started getting more into it. By the end she was scooping the ice cream out with her fingers. It was good ice cream. We had XXXchocolate and Madeleine had cake batter. :) Then we wrapped up the day at the beach.

I've really loved this summer. I'm pretty sad it's winding down. On the upside, I'll probably start blogging more regularly again. 

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  1. Madeleine is experiencing many new things. That's good for her brain. The ice cream is good for something, I'm sure. And I love the tiara sunglasses.