Tuesday, May 19, 2015


This girl. She is my wild thing.

Today I made quesadillas with guacamole for lunch. Madeleine happily took her plate and was eating it on the porch. After a few minutes, she popped back in the house to tell me she needed more. I looked her in bowl and the quesadillas were there but the guacamole had been licked out. I told her she needed to at least take a few bites from the quesadillas before I'd give her more guacamole. 

Wrong answer.
She screamed and stomped around outside. Furious that I wouldn't budge.

After a while of this, she stopped crying.
"Bye Mommy. B's mommy, not you."

Then she ran off to my neighbor's home.
I could see her the whole way there.

I walked inside to grab my shoes before Baby X and I went off to get her.

When I got there, Madeleine was sitting on their lawn chairs eating her quesadillas.
"B gone."

I knew that they were at the park. I waited for her to finish eating, before asking her if she wanted to find "B and Dodger." She grabbed my hand and off we went to find our friends.

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