Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Lost things

With two toddlers now in the house life is getting even busier. I often find myself writing pretend blog post in my head and never getting around to writing them. Hopefully soon I'll find more time to sit and write. 

In the meanwhile, life has been pretty amazing. We now have two little people walking around the house. Baby X decided last week that he wanted to walk more than crawl. Madeleine couldn't be more excited about it. They play all day with each other. It's the best.

We have been traveling a lot. With Madeleine being a bit older, we have gone to NYC twice this last month and then DC this last weekend for a wedding. It's really odd for me not to have weekends to myself. Between Matt getting toe surgery and the traveling the house fell into a huge mess. I lost every item that was important to me.

First the computer screen broke. So we had to shell money out for another computer. I wasn't thrilled about it and I'm still using my old computer with a broken screen. With that said, I'm surprised how much I'm loving having yet another computer in the home. Matt can now leave his mostly at work and I like having a flex computer that plays ted talks or music throughout the day.

Then a few days later my wallet went missing. That was my 3rd favorite possession after my wedding rings. It was pretty traumatizing but after a week of looking we gave up. I'm still hoping it turns up.

Then just this weekend my wedding rings disappeared.

This whole experience has been kind of weird. It's made me realize how much Matt and I have turned to minimalism. For each thing, we talked and discussed what need to replace, and in the case of our wedding rings, we had a conversation about what they represented and that it was okay. Matt offered to replace them, but for now I think I'll just use a ring already have.

Having my favorite items lost made me realize that we could let go a few more things in our home. I put a handful of items on freecycle and dropped off a lot of baby clothes at a donation place. We are around 1,100 for things that we have got rid of so far this year. I'm slightly off on my counting. We're getting ready to rid ourselves of even more things as we are preparing to switch apartments. 

I'm realizing more that I like my home to have space for the things we love, not full of the things we like. I love having room for the kids to paint and make messes. I like that I can host bookclub and have people over to dinner with little stress. I like that Madeleine and Baby X have plenty of room to run trucks and cars around the house, and that Madeleine running through our house isn't the end of the world. These things are more important to me right now. 

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