Saturday, May 9, 2015

May Day festival

Our local Waldorf school has a May Day celebration.

It had a craft sale. There were many amazing crafters, surprisingly. So far in New Jersey, the craft shows has been duds. But this one was small but great. The best part was meeting one of my favorite doll makers! One of Madeleine's dolls is getting a lot of love and need repairs, and this lady was nice enough to give me advice on how to fix her! I'm pretty excited. Meanwhile Madeleine had fun looking at her dolls. When we had to leave she helped put the dolls "to bed" (away) and then said goodbye to all of them. It was really cute.

Right after that it was time for the May pole. I was pretty bored to be honest, but Madeleine was entranced. She clapped and danced along on the side and when they invited kids to come out to the field at the end she was one of the first ones out.

Watching the older kids dancing.

After that we bought a few tickets and did a few activities. This was probably my favorite part. The first one Madeleine did was go dig for treasure in the sand box. Madeleine was SO excited that they had colored water rocks buried in the sand. She would start shouting out the color of the rocks when she first saw them and then would carefully line them on the edge so she could dig for more. They were her special treasures throughout the day. She would carefully give them to me while she climbed on the playgrounds, and then ask for them back as soon as her hands were free again. 

After that we made flower crowns. I love how they made them. They braided fabric so we could just stick the flowers in the braid. It was pretty and way easier than the one I made for Easter.

Madeleine would hand me the flowers and feathers. When we finished, she told me she was ready to go home to show "B and Dodger". So we did and played with our friends.

I love going to the waldorf school's festivals. We want to the Michaelmas festival last year and really enjoyed that too. I love that little boys run around with flowers in their hair while sword fighting. It reminds of the little boys in our neighborhood. I like that they aren't so influenced by being "manly" and play with what they like.

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