Friday, January 23, 2015

Philadelphia Museum of Art

This week has been a hard week. With a sick Baby X and muggy weather, I was more than a little relieved when his mother called and said she was going to keep him home yesterday.

Madeleine and I used this free day to go the Philadelphia Museum of Art. It was wonderful of course. There was almost no one there, so Madeleine and I spent 4 hours wandering around. We saw Monets, Van Gogh's, knights' armor, Rocco rooms, just to name a few. After finishing this book, I enjoyed being here even more.

Admiring Van Goghw 

The best part of this day wasn't looking at the art though. It actually was eating lunch. After finishing the painting galleries, Madeleine and I went down to the cafeteria for some food. We grabbed some great mac and cheese and chicken and some pretty gross soup, and sat down next to another toddler and her mom. We said hi to them before sitting down and started to eat (I've been trying to get better at talking to other moms).

 After a few minutes, the mom and I were actually talking! Goal achieved!! We talked about why we were here, (I needed a place for Madeleine to run around, and she missed a class that her daughter was supposed to go to.) and I mentioned that I usually am watching Baby X. She stopped at looked at me, and said, "Wow, you are so put together how do you do it?"

 This was probably totally inappropriate, but I started laughing. I explained to her that I absolutely didn't, and just last night I sat in bed eating pizza in bed crying because the day was so stressful. I told her any day that I get a bra on is considered a good day. She looked at me relieved, and started telling me about how she's pregnant with her second kid. She said she was struggling with having her first kid, and having two just seemed hard. Our conversation after that was wonderful and just what I needed. We swapped numbers and said goodbye.

You know made me realize two things. 
1) I can actually make friends if I put forth effort.
2) It reminded me that most people aren't as put together as they looked. Usually I'm pretty good about remembering this, but  I think I've been forgetting more lately.


  1. Oh man, your conversation with that woman is awesome! I'm horrifically shy in public (or basically, with anyone I don't already know...) but I always want to be the kind of person that's open and friendly like that. I'd really like to follow your example!

  2. What an awesome day!