Sunday, January 11, 2015


The weather is pretty dang cold here so we've been cuddling up inside. Baby X thankfully learned to play on his own and is crawling, giving me a lot more freedom! I've been curling up under blankets while the tiny people play in the room. It's been great! Thanks to that, I've been reading a lot. So here are the books I've read since the New Year.

I read all of this series. I really enjoyed the first book. I thought it was a great book about finding yourself after heartbreak. I think it should have ended two chapters before it did. The 2nd book is the main guy's story that runs parallel to the second half of the first book. I didn't find it nearly as compelling. The novella was trash. Sorry.

I didn't like this one much. I saw the movie on the way home from Florida. I wasn't impressed with the movie or the book, but I'm actually really interested in the sequel. I'm planning on reading it as soon as our library gets it in.

I started a book club yesterday and selected this book for the first month. I had read this a few years ago and was happy to discover that it was a good as I remembered. It's the autobiography that Memoirs of a Geisha was based on. She wasn't very happy with Memoirs so she wrote her own book to go with it. Her life is fascinating and I love the female dominate culture that she life revolves around.

I love this book. I'm half way through it right now. It has jammed with information, so I don't read more than a chapter a day. I've been learning a lot about art and I think I'm going to read more about some of these artist after I finish it.

This book has been great for me to read, although I'm not a fan of the writing. I'm only a few chapters in. It's really weird for me to read it. I am familiar with most of the music and artist in the books, but yet, I don't know any of the history or the meaning behind it. It's been interesting and fun to give history a soundtrack. Another thing that has really stood out at me is how intertwined music and art was. I can list off many famous current singers, but not one painter or sculpture. I only know a few photographers and that's because I have sought them out. That's something I'm going to try to fit.

I asked the librarian earlier this week for a life changing book. He said he couldn't think of one, but that he loved this book. The writer is very sarcastic so I decided it was better to read out loud. I asked Matt to read it with me last night and the first chapter was pretty amusing. I'm excited to see where it takes us.

I'm so close to done on this book. I've really enjoyed reading it, and probably would be done with it if Madeleine would stop moving it around the house. It's been an interesting read about feminism. I hadn't realized how much of the history of feminism I didn't get taught in school. It made me realize that I should know more about women's history and that I need to teach it to our kid.

Do you have any book suggestions? I'm looking for books that make me think or a good well-written novel.


  1. I love hearing about what you're reading! Such diverse tastes. But all good :)
    You've got me thinking now. I don't know what I would recommend if someone approached me at my library and asked for a life-changing book!

  2. Michele, are you aware that the author of the final book is in Rich and Leslie's ward? We also discovered that I knew her daughter and son in law in Boston back when Becca was a baby. I still remember the adorable outfit they gave her. So if you go up to visit, you might bump into her.