Friday, November 23, 2012


Things we are grateful for...

1. Having an apartment that can be heated up with our oven alone.
2. Leftovers (Thanks mom)
3. Teddy bears to model baby clothes in

4. Kit-Kat bars and chocolate cake (Both of us love eating those)
5. That NSF GRFP is finished
6. That Creature (baby Madeleine) is healthy and is fun to poke. She has random limbs that poke out and if we poke them, she starts wiggling. We are kind of addicted to it.

Baby getting bigger.
(My face is all swollen from an allergic reaction.)
7. Big fluffy comforters
8. For places like DI and Goodwill that we can drop off stuff that we don't need anymore. 
9. That 2 years ago Matt fell in love with me! We went on a date this week and read through our old journals to celebrate. It's been a wonderful two years, especially the last year and three months that we have been married.  
2 weeks after Thanksgiving 2010


  1. Love this Michele!! :) We need to talk soon!! I haven't seen you in forever!!

  2. #10- For the dark dark chocolate peppermint ice-cream that only comes around in the Christmas season.