Friday, October 19, 2012


On Sunday, Matt and I went on a hike. Although Utah is not my favorite place to live, Fall makes up for the rest of the year. Everything around here looks beautiful, and I absolutely love the weather. 
Matt had to position me in front of the porta-potty that was ruining our view.
Also a great time for a quick pregnancy shot, 29 weeks. (I was totally didn't know he was taking a picture.)

At this point, it's a small miracle that I made it up that far. But the view was beautiful.

A random guy that was trying to impress his date, asked us to take a picture of them.
Thankfully they returned the favor.
Other random things:
1) I had to do a commercial for my media class. The idea my group picked was why having a baby was cool. So for my part, I had to push a stroller around campus. I was so bad at it! I hit so many things, and people kept thinking I was abusing my kid. (At one point I almost tipped over the stroller.) They gave me even stranger looks when they realized there was no kid. Finally I met up with Matt, and he pointed out the front wheel was broken. Hopefully that will fix the problem, but if not, I need to practice my stroller driving skills.

2) Matt is almost done with his grad school applications!!

3) Baby is terrified of flashlights. Back when I was taking Infancy for my major, my teacher mentioned a fetus would move with a flashlight that was put on the mother's stomach. Matt and I were so excited to try this out. At 28ish weeks, baby's eyes apparently open back up, so we tried it. She usually moves like crazy, but as soon as that flashlight was turned on, she freezes. We have tried a few more times since then and she still stops moving. I have found that it is an excellent way to get her to stop kicking my ribs.

4) Matt and I need a new book to read out loud together. Any suggestions? So far we have read, Stargirl, Howl's Moving Castle,  Have a Little Faith, Winnie the Pooh, and The Princess Bride. Basically, we need a book that I won't finish behind Matt's back while he is doing homework but is still fun to read. 

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