Wednesday, September 12, 2012

What will Offspring look like?

Matt and I were pretty cute kids.

Matt at 5ish
Me at 5ish
I don't think we look to similar, so we keep trying to guess what in the world offspring is going to look like.

I used a two online generators to get a guess.

This one totally freaked me out! Matt and I just laughed over it. She looks like a man!!!
(We had about the same reaction as Lily did when Mitch and Cam from Modern Family  got bored and decided to do this. (I couldn't find the clip. :( ))

This one is a lot better...she at least looks like a kid.
So according to the internet, offspring with have brown hair and hazel or green eyes. The nice thing about the first one has thick hair. So anyone else have any guesses what she really will look like?


  1. Daddy and I vote for baby #2...the first one has too big a forehead and chin. So, make sure you're building her as :)