Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Sick babies

Because everyone needs to sit around in diapers and their dolls...including Doll.

We have the strangest sickness going around. It's a very mild cold that makes you very, very sleepy. Madeleine caught it from Baby X, who a week later is still trying to shake it off. They both cough maybe once an hour and then need their noses blown a few times day. Other than that, they just sleep and sleep. 

Madeleine has been saying some very cute things though.

She woke up and pointed to cupboard.
"Cupcake and Daddy chips Mommy."
(Daddy chips are what she calls chips since Matt eats them. She loves them almost as much as him.)

"Mooommy, water in my nose!!! Water in my nose!"
(She was trying to tell me about snot. She doesn't know that word.)

"Madeleine do you want dinner?"
"Do you want chicken?"
"Do you want carrots?" (Her favorite food recently)
"Do you want a cookie?"
"Okay, cookie."
"How about a milkshake?"
"A cupcake?"
"No, cupcake. Cookie Mommy, okay?"

I hope she gets better soon. We have some things she was excited about coming up and I don't want her to miss them! But in the meanwhile, I'm getting my fill of toddler cuddles.

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