Sunday, July 5, 2015

Art for our room

Matt and I needed some art over our bed and as much as I'd like to buy art from an artist, we simply cannot afford it right now.

So I looked at some of the art I have been pining over for sometime to see if I could figure out away to create something similar myself.

There is this art shop on facebook and etsy called Leroy's Place. It's one of my favorites. She buys old thrift store paintings and adds a bit to them.

Matt and I both thought they look fun and quirky, and thankfully not to hard to take some inspiration from. So first we got our ugly painting from Goodwill. It was so funny watching people come up to my cart and look to see what great find I had. Several ladies even shot me strange looks when they saw it, but that's alright. I marched my $3.50 painting right up to the register with a grin.

This is what the painting looked like but this is after I spray painting the frame black.

The first thing Matt and I had to choose was what we wanting to put on.
Then he drew them out and I painted them. Two hours later we had our painting done. I think it cost us $7.50 total. 

When we finished

 And here's it hung!

I like the grown up look of the landscape with the fun of the childish things mixed in with it. Totorros are little calm creatures in my mind too so they seemed to be the perfect little guys to go into our picture. 

With that our home is done. We spent the 4th going through all the closets and bathroom. My next goal is trying to get us up early. Today didn't go as well as I hoped. While I did get both Matt and I up, he's currently at the lab. In his sleepy state, he stormed out of the house this morning to sleep at the Chemistry building. When I called him, he was a little annoyed that he was too awake to sleep. I'm hoping this isn't how every morning starts, but hey at least I got a blog post out of it. :)


  1. OH MY GOSH. You painted that those Totoros?!?!?!?! That is AMAZING!!! Seriously, I love it! They fit so well in the painting and you did an awesome job!!!

    1. Thanks! I think think they are so cute and lets be honest, they are pretty easy to paint since they are just ovals. :)

  2. I'm sorry Matt is so awful to wake up.