Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Little update

Madeleine is sweet and smart and recently decided that she loves routines. On Saturday I went to the MET by myself (which was so awesome!! I need to blog about that), and she actually led Matt through her routine. She knows when she eats, sleeps, and gets dressed. It's handy and most of the days are so much fun.

As for Baby X, he is growing up too! He has his own little opinions and is suddenly letting everyone know. It's pretty funny when he isn't yelling at me for doing something wrong. He'll give people big cheesy smiles when he is happy and claps. It's adorable.

5/7 days of the week are good, but the other two are really difficult. They usually are the days that we actually go somewhere, because Madeleine has been testing boundaries. One meltdown after another just to get her in the car. When we get somewhere, it doesn't get any better. She crawls around on the floor of stores because she has realized when I have Baby X in my arms that I can't actually reach her.

So we've been staying home more. Playing outside and baking a bit. They both love to play with flashcards and trains. Baby X loves chasing after balls and Madeleine. They started to play together too. The easy days really are easy.

The hard days I get through with ice cream and Janet Lansbury's book No Bad Kids. I know this is just a phase and Madeleine really is a fast little learner. If I can stay consistent for a little more than a week she'll stick to it. Like quiet time in the morning. Baby X goes down for his nap at 9:30 and Madeleine goes in her room and reads.

It's my favorite part of the day. This is her reading "Mrs. Muddle's Holidays" by her grandma Laura Nielsen. It's moments like this that I don't mind too much that she's being 2.


  1. Routines are the best. Even for adults!

    1. I agree! I just made Madeleine a book about hers.