Friday, February 27, 2015

Weekly Rhythm

We are at the point that we have a weekly rhythm. A rhythm is different from a schedule because it's a bit more flexible. Ours seem to change season to season a bit.

Can I just say we are so ready for spring? I just set up my first play date in weeks and of course Madeleine had to throw up tonight. Madeleine is going stir crazy too. The second Baby X leaves and the door shuts, Madeleine is grabbing her shoes to go outside.

Spring is coming though. The first baby calves were born at our dairy farm this week and next week is supposed to be mostly in the 40s. I'm SO excited.

But back to the weekly rhythm. This is what we got.

Monday - Laundry

Tuesday - Making snacks

Wednesday - Baking

Thursday - Library/ Farmer's market 

Friday - Play date

Saturday - Errands

Sunday - Family day

I like our rest of the year schedule a bit better. The farmer's market near us is only open once a month in the winter so we have to drive to the one 5 miles away. The nice thing is it's in the large local dairy's parking lot. So we get to grab milk and cheese too. The prices are also a lot cheaper. But I like grocery shopping during the week better, its less crowded and I'm not so tired from doing all the errands. 

But I think some rhythm is much better than none. I'm a lot happier when I don't have to plan out most of my week. Also, Monday (laundry), Friday (play group), and Sunday (church) we automatically have social activities. It's nice knowing that I will see other moms and hang out with them at least 3 times a week with little effort.. 

I have a daily rhythm and a cleaning schedule that goes a long with our weekly schedule. The cleaning one is very lose since our home is so small. I'll try to share it sometime. 

So my question of course is do you have a weekly rhythm or schedule? How did you set it? Does it change throughout the year? 


  1. Love the idea of a rhythm that ebbs and flows rather than a routine. My time is a bit more regimented working outside the home, but I do have kind of a flow on weekends - staying up late blogging, meal planning and grocery shopping, long hours of reading, church, visiting parents, house cleaning.

    1. I really love rhythm. I'm not really an exact to the rule person, (although I'm a stickler for being on time) so a rhythm seems to suit me better. I like waking up and not having to think too much what we are doing that day.