Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Life Update

I'm counting the days down for winter to end. We haven't had almost any snow. There is about 4 inches in the backyard and 2 in the front, but it's been cold! Yesterday morning it was 2 degrees when we woke up! The first signs of spring are coming though. The sun is now waking up with me and it is no longer dark at 4:30. Thank goodness that was my least favorite part of winter. We can actually bike every once in a while now again.

We have been sick literally all winter. Right now Baby X and Madeleine have a very mild cold. We have a system going. Baby X gets it first. Then Madeleine a few days later, and right when Baby X gets better, I get sick. Usually right before I get better, he is already sick again. It's a bit strange for me, since usually we only get whatever sickness is in the neighborhood (which isn't much). But since Baby X has an older sister, we also seem to be getting more of the daycare sicknesses. 

Other changes, Baby X is mobile, and Madeleine has dropped her nap! I'm hoping in Spring, she'll start napping again. She's so tired by 3:30, but she refuses to nap. I think more outside play will cure it though. That's been killing my free time during the day.

Things that are going on.

I'm hosting my first book club meeting tomorrow! I'm so excited. The first book I chose was Geisha: A Life. 10 people are supposedly coming. I'm going to borrow chairs from our community room since we got rid of most of our seating. I have a long list of discussion questions and some food. I think we'll have a good time!

I started a knitting class at the local community program. I went to one class so far and finished my first project. I'm going to have to practice a lot to get any good. Maybe one day I'll get as good as this man who knits for penguins.

My first project was fingerless gloves.

Matt got me Season 5 of Boy meets World so we've been watching that. It's so weird to me how different sex and beauty standards are in this show. In one episode, Topanga spends a week at Cory's house for Christmas. Cory is her boyfriend of 15 years they say at this point? And she packs a mumu!!! You can't tell in the photo below, but that's the scene in which she wears it. Talk about the most unsexy pjs ever. And the funny thing is when she wakes him up at 3 am to talk, he at first was hoping it was for something a little less innocent. 

 We have also been watching Friends. We aren't getting into it as much. I'm starting to realize, I like Friends episodes in random order. Watching them in order causes a lot more yelling at the characters, but thanks to What are you look at? 150 years of Modern Art, we were able to figure out the painting in Chandler's office.

Kandisky - On White II

I bet your life is complete now right? ;)

I'll let you know how my book club goes.


  1. Impressed by the Kandinsky look-up!! You're off to a good start with the knitting - and you didn't even start with a flat scarf! I will be interested to hear about the book club, especially how much they stayed on topic and actually discussed the book.

    1. We did discuss the book the whole time! We were really good about that. Are you in a book club right now?