Thursday, September 25, 2014

C is for Cooking

Baby X and Madeleine are currently on opposite nap schedules. It's been pretty nice, except our mornings are now confined to our home. Yesterday after Madeleine's nap, she and I made some cookies. Thankfully I have years of cookie-making experience, because measuring was kind of a moot point. If I was lucky, maybe 3/4s of whatever I gave her made it into the mixer, including the eggs. She tried so hard though, and every time something didn't quite work out, she'd say "uh-oh" before trying to clean it up.

I was able to pull my camera out when she put the chocolate chips in. She would only take one or two out at a time. Sometimes they went into the mix...

But just as frequently they ended up in her mouth. 

I taught her the useful skill of licking off the mixer. Usually I just let her have the spoon, so this was a first.

Then she sobbed for 8 minutes as the cookies cooked in the oven.

But all was forgiven, when I let her eat 3 after lunch.

We then dropped the rest off at Matt's lab, where they all quickly disappeared.

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  1. The part where she sobbed while they baked made me laugh aloud. What a sweetie! And good on you for letting her help! (I let Niko help but I usually measure things out and help him dump them in...I like my cookies precise ;D)