Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Breaking down Lindt's door and an awesome pair of shoes

 Last Friday Princeton had a big sidewalk sale. We were planning to go as a family but Matt got off work a little late. Madeleine and I ended up going instead as mommy daughter and Sophie date.

We biked over to downtown and stopped by all our favorite places. We dropped off our library books, admired and touched all the purses at Kate Spade, and Madeleine ran around the toy store with her arms full of baby dolls. Leaving the baby dolls behind was very emotional. The toy store gave her with a consolation lollipop. We started walking over to Lindt chocolate but Madeleine got distracted by the jazz band. She sat on some steps just listening to the music for a while.  

To be honest, I got bored before she did, and I dragged her off to Lindt. Oh man, does my baby know her way around a chocolate place or what. She walked in and held her hand out to the person giving the free sample. I started laughing, usually the sale associates just give one to me and then gives another when Madeleine eats it. I guess this time she figured she'd just tell them right off the bat that she wanted one. We then went and picked out a few pieces and sat on a bench to eat them.

 She tried to get the chocolate out of the wrapper but then decided to ask.

Picking one favorite of chocolate is so hard! There were only 3 pieces and one of them was for Matt. She debated between the two for a while.

She picked the pink one and popped it in her mouth. I told her it was all gone and she jumped up with Sophie.

And took off running....

She stopped to touch the directory.

And then started running again.

All the way back to Lindt chocolate which was now closed.

She was so confused why they wouldn't let her in. She pushed and shoved at that door. She asked me for help. Poor thing. All she wanted was chocolate.

Eventually I was able to drag her away from the door. We walked around for a bit. She stopped at every light or grate to inspect it.

Then right in the middle of a door knob inspection, she saw something!


Well yeah...I mean he did happen to show up then, but the real thing that caught her eye were these girl's shoes.

Can I just stop and say for a second that I'm so grateful for all the people that let my toddler pet their shoes? This actually happens a lot, and people are always so sweet to us. This girl was French and thought it was so funny that Madeleine was completely enamored with them.

Our date ended soon after that. Madeleine is so funny. I love her little fearless personality. She's so curious and determined. 

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  1. Madeleine is ADORABLE! I agree-choosing which chocolate is a tough decision!