Tuesday, January 28, 2014

A random present

Matt has a tradition of getting presents one to two months early
(Yes, I already have all my birthday gifts!!!!)
so this year
I decided to top it and get him a present five months early.

I totally knew what I was going to get him.
It all started before Christmas when he saw one at Costco.
He loved it and he loved the price.
Too bad he didn't figure that out before they sold out.

Matt rarely wants anything, so I jumped on the fact he found something he really wanted.
(Buying gifts for him is always hard. One year I just got him a spatula, because we really needed one.)
After a lot of research, I picked out a Casio with weighted keys.
Two days later it was on our porch, and all of us were thrilled.
The fact that it showed up right after his hardest final was just icing on the cake.

Matt and I both play on it daily thanks to the headphones,
since we can play it after Tiny is asleep or napping.

She enjoys it too.

It's wonderful having a piano in our home again.
We tend to listen to a bit more classical music and music just in general.
Also, it's probably a good thing for Matt and me to keep up our piano skills.
I'm really glad Matt made a point of letting me know he really wanted it.
It was wonderful being able to buy him something for once that made him really happy.

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