Sunday, February 10, 2013

Early Valentine's Day

Matt and I desperately needed a date night, since Valentine's Day and our year and half anniversary are next week. Matt is leaving the morning of Valentine's Day to New Jersey, so we ditched our baby at my parent's house and went snowboarding. (Yeah for great snow and a Dr.'s okay). We had so much fun, even though neither of us can really move today. Our muscles are so sore.

A few high points...

I lost one of my gloves on the ski lift on the way up to our first run. Matt swore I was going to freeze but I did just fine. The sleeve to his sweatshirt that I was wearing was frozen stiff by the end of the night, but it kept my hand warm.

I was run over by some random guy. Poor thing somehow got his snowboard wedged between my legs and my snowboard. He was so embarrassed but we were both fine.

Matt winning the admiration of some younger kids with his jumping skill in the terrain park.

We were pretty excited though at the end of the night to cuddle with baby. :)

And eat cookies.


  1. Madeleine had a really, fun and exciting night, too. She went to her first Chinese New Year's Party, although she was hidden away for most of it - asleep. Once we were home, she had quite a bit to share with me. :)

  2. CUTE!!!! I'm happy for you!

  3. I love that you guys are still getting out of the house and having fun together :)