Thursday, April 2, 2015


Spring is here and we are in heaven!

Madeleine woke up this morning and ran to the back door asking to go out. She ate her pancakes on the porch before taking off to play with her little neighborhood friends. Even Baby X tried to follow her down the stairs. He is getting pretty good at going up but is too nervous to try going downstairs. He just sits and watches Madeleine play until I can move him down. 

(Bye Mom! I don't need you! I'm going to see B.)

Madeleine and Baby X played barefoot in the mud all afternoon until his mom came to get him. Then his older sister joined in on the fun. Madeleine's choices of pretend mud food were cracking me up - eggs and salad. :) The eggs were made by flipping over the colander and the salad was grass and flowers she put in it.

She was a royal mess by the end of it. She had a runny nose and chocolate batter all over her from making brownies earlier. Add that to the mud, she was more dirt than human. She loved it though. She has a little cupboard (actually the little wood thing next to the door in the above photo.) It is full of all of the kitchen stuff she's allowed to play with. She kept running in for more tools and at the end she put her muddy dishes in the sink. haha. 

The brownies we made were actually pretty gross. But Madeleine was so excited. She's getting pretty good at baking and Baby X is now getting old enough that he is helping! He helped put the chocolate chips into the batter and turned on the mixer. Here is her big cheesy grin when I gave her her brownie that she of course had to eat outside.

You know, I like blogging more when it's not winter. We do more things. More people come visit us. I'm less stressed from trying to keep our home in one piece as they go stir crazy. Yesterday we visited our favorite farm. We couldn't pick anything yet, but I'm getting excited for those days coming up. 

I'm getting ready to switch out our winter boots to rain boots and officially decide Spring is here to stay. 

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