Monday, July 14, 2014

Life lately

We are loving summer here in Princeton, even Matt has been able to join us in the fun. :) It's been laid back yet really busy. Funny how that works. I'm now watching Baby X around 45 hours a week. The first week was crazy, but last week I felt pretty comfortable with both kids. Our scheduled with him looks something like this.

Monday - Play inside all morning - Nap - Play until dinner
Tuesday - Neighborhood playgroup - Nap - Play until dinner
Wednesday - Church playgroup - nap - play until dinner
Thursday - play - nap - walk around downtown Princeton and farmer's market
Friday - play - nap - park

Playing lately has been almost all outdoors with our friends. Usually there is water to play in and chairs for the moms. It's lovely. I found if I have something structured for half of the day, the other half seems to fly by. If I don't, I seem to look at the clock until nap time. Madeleine loves playing outside. When she wakes up from nap, she grabs her shoes and runs to the front door screaming "Mum-meeee".  If I let her out, she grabs the stroller and walks to her friend Be's house. It's adorable.

When Baby X isn't around we have a lot of fun too. Here are a few of the things we've been up to.


We've been going at least once a week. It's wonderful. Sometimes we go to Applebee's on the way home or walk around the Outlet mall.


Last weekend I bought a bike! So far it's been a great purchase since we've biked to the grocery store, Trader Joe's, Walmart, the library, and church. Madeleine loves it. When Matt is home, she grabs her helmet and walks up to his bike, usually screaming, "Dada!" 

World Cup
Living in student housing, I think, made watching the world cup so much more fun. We watch many of the matches with our neighbors, and then we saw yesterday's game at the Princeton library. There were so many people there and it was wonderful experience.

I've been taking a yoga class and it's one of the highlights of my week. It's a little over an hour and half long and is exactly what I need at the end of the week.

Watching lighting storms
There has been some fabulous lighting storms. Matt and I have enjoyed watching them together after Madeleine is in bed.


Our garden is doing pretty well! We've been eating a lot of salads from it and our tomatoes are just about ripe! 

We've been going through our stuff and getting rid of things after Madeleine has gone to bed. It's been a wonderful on-going process and we're pretty happy with it.

Trying a lot of new recipes

Some have been good...some have been really awful.

Throw in a lot of chocolate milkshakes and that's been our summer so far. It's been delightful. Matt is liking his work and I'm loving mine. :)

How has your summer been?

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