Thursday, December 22, 2011


Ollo people!

We are proud to present our new blog! Consider this an invitation to stalk us (hi Mema!) We owe some thanks to Leslie who first captivated us with her blog-making skills and inspired us to ... copy her. (I think she has the advantage though -- we don't have any cute kids yet.) Leslie actually suggested this before we got married, but half a year later, we are finally getting around to it. Go us! (And Leslie!)

To start off, we have a disclaimer. We stink at taking photos. Really! Since we got married in August, we have taken a grand total of six, half of which were taken during the first week. We don't even have our wedding photos back yet, but we promise they are on the way.

Instead we will write about on what does consume our lives -- school, food, books, work, and every once in a while some crafts. (Hopefully, we will take some pictures of those activities. Crossing fingers.) So yeah that's it.



  1. Cute blog.! :) I was never actually sure if you would get around to this. I hope you can figure out how to do pictures.